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safans's Journal

Spring Awakening Fan Community
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Spring Awakening
This is a community for fans of the new musical Spring Awakening, the 2007 Tony Award winner for Best Musical.

A few ground rules, to keep things running smoothly:

1) Be intelligent. Type coherently, please. That is all I ask.

2) Anything large (pictures, icons, or fanfics, for example) should be placed under a cut, for the sake of everyone's friend pages.

3) We like to be legal here. We don't want to get this community shut down, so please refrain from posting about/discussing anything illegal. I think you all know what I mean by that. Bootlegs = not for this community. The search bar in the right hand corner of your LJ is your friend for a reason.


*On-stage seating Chart

*theguiltyones.org- for pictures, icons, answers to many questions, etc.

*The pictures from the program.