Instant Nostalgia (arqueete) wrote in safans,
Instant Nostalgia


So, not too long ago I asked for your thoughts on a Spring Awakening fansite of sorts that I was planning, and after many, many hours of work, it's ready for public consumption, and tentatively named*...


I'm sharing it with this community first since I told you about it first, and I'm hoping some of you might be willing to stop by and make some posts so at the least I can make sure everything is working like it's supposed to. Things SpringBlog needs include: any cast information for dates that aren't already posted in the calendar, any recommendations of fan-created stuff that you'd like to share, and any of your favorite news items from the past e.g. good interviews, interesting articles, etc. to try and fill out the archives. And, of course, any news you've come across.

The main things that I discussed having as features but didn't put in were a place for reviewing performances you've seen and a gallery for stagedoor photos. I might still add those but I'm waiting to see how everything else works out first.

Open to comments/questions/suggestions.

* I'm open to other name suggestions, especially since I see is not available
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