Instant Nostalgia (arqueete) wrote in safans,
Instant Nostalgia

Thoughts on a potential SA fansite

I'm thinking of starting a Spring Awakening fansite and I'd love some input.

What I envision is sort of a replacement for Totally Trucked as a minimum (in terms of a way to keep up with what current productions are doing), and also a big reference source where we can keep track of cast lists, articles, etc. relating to the show, where it'd be possible to do things like search for all interviews with Matt Shingledecker or generate a list all performances where Matt Doyle played Melchior. It'd be a community-driven project -- meaning, people could create accounts and post these things.

I know we already have a big fansite in the form of TGO and I'm not looking to touch on a lot of what it offers in terms of discussion -- I wouldn't attempt to compete with things the fandom already has.

So I'm wondering: do you think there'd be an interest in a project like this and would you want to contribute? And beyond what I suggested above, what else should be done with a fansite like this?
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